Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

Kong is king, but this "Kong" is definitely lower in the hierarchy. A knight perhaps. Still redeeming qualities but a bit of rust on the armor.

The beast is as big as his legacy, and we have always been aware of his appearance, yet there was no attempt to build up showing him off. No mystery, no intrigue. Literally in the first few minutes we get a full view of Kong.

It's also packed with too many human characters. It's hard to feel for their inevitable deaths. We hardly get a backstory to any of them, so growing attached proves difficult. Surprisingly, my favorite character was the one John C Reilly portrayed. Even further, I adored the ending, as it wraps up his plot in a sweet way.

What you should look forward going into and what is done the best are the creature effects of Kong and his battles with the other beasts of the island. I loved their inclusion and we get some awesome kaiju fight sequences.

The scale is impressive and everything is pleasing to look at. I'm even more stoked for Godzilla VS Kong, which I was already highly anticipating anyway. A very fun film for lovers of kaiju type flicks like myself.

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