Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

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πŸ’œ Marvel-thon with the girlfriend πŸ’œ

My mind’s relatively unchanged on this sequel to what I consider one of the game changers of the superhero formula. Sad to say I don’t view them as equals necessarily, but that still doesn’t mean Volume Two isn’t a fantabulous time.Β 

They bunker down hard on the family aspects. If they had a bullet point list on selling points for why you should watch this one, that’d be close to the top. It’s a comedy first and foremost, but it isn’t lacking one second of taking things a bit more seriously either. Like Mantis, a new character who can take on other’s feelings and emotionally influence them, putting her hand on Drax’s shoulder and experiencing the grief that consumes him. She breaks down crying, and he remains sitting there quietly, sighing.Β 

In fact, I love their little dynamic, though some might find the β€œromance” gross. They’re both very literal beings but in different senses. Mantis is innocent in that she hasn’t had exposure to the outside world, whereas Drax has, but lacked the companionship to pick up on nuances from jesting friends. They give to each other in these ways through many key scenes and it’s just intoxicating to witness. Yes, Drax remains my favorite if it wasn’t already clear.Β 

Yondu made sure to weasel his way up in this one, for me anyhow. Fitting to any character who’s bound to grow, they fit him with more backstory as to why he took in Quill as a child. It’s a lot more heartwarming than we initially give him credit for, and all that hardened murder and mayhem is partially a faΓ§ade for a deep care to take in those who stuck by, despite his misinterpreted antagonizing. Plus, his ability is so unique to me. A spear rocketing through the air by command of a whistle, radioed in through a fin on the top of his head. Wild design for a character's fighting technique, but again, intoxicating to watch.Β 

Guardians Volume 2 is absolutely more of what I love, I won’t back down from that, but the dialog is way too on the nose sometimes. That’s my biggest complaint. The script feels the need to explain everything that’s happening, as if we weren’t watching already. Hand-holding Hollywood at its finest. Besides that, another marvelous adventure with the galaxies biggest misfits.

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