Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★

"Swallow this."

Wow! What solid follow-up, and a perfect example of the absurdity Sam Raimi was known for. This finally brought into play all the things I knew about the franchise, from an outsiders point of view.

This marks the first time Ash says "Groovy", but for what reason remains a mystery. It's just a silly little line for the audience to chuckle at. It is here that he also gets his chainsaw arm and classic sawed-off shotgun.

We get another batch of supporting characters, but most are just as forgettable as the first round. The actress playing Annie is not all that talented and became a nuisance to the ears near the end, when all she did was shriek.

I love how they played with the madness aspect of it all, especially the classic scene where demons have taken over every object in the house, laughing in unison, and Ash joins them, giving the camera a look of pure insanity. Then he has a surprising amount of character growth for a movie like this, becoming the aforementioned badass he was meant to be.

I swear that they used just about every visual effect and practical equipment that they could, because this is when things really start to go off the walls. Figuratively and literally. The only thing missing was classic animation. But we have stop motion, projection-like visuals, filters, gobs of makeup, and of course gallons of different colored fluid running like rivers.

It's another case of taking me far too long to get here, but I'm glad I finally made it. What a trip, and one I'm so glad I own physically.

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