Shame ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

Steve McQueen’s unapologetically cold examination of sexual addiction is exceedingly disheartening and intimate, as he is able to grasp a raw sense of the unsatisfactory conditions and abysmal challenges one drives themselves through in order to consummate their desires. Michael Fassbender’s Brandon is an absolute force of perpetual desperation, continuously utilizing pornography or brief sexual interactions to fulfill his inexhaustible arousement despite an inner voice that warns him of the following problematic result. He is unable to form relationships or affectionately connect with his broken sister. Although he is seemingly cognizant of his obstacles, it appears impossible for him to restrain, which ensues in both unprecedented situations and a lack of emotional awareness. While it seems challenging for me to rewatch it, Shame has provided me with images of the downside of humanity that aren't easy to forget.

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