Gandhi ★★★½

I feel bad. I hated this movie for years simply because it won Best Picture. I thought it would be boring af and such lazy Oscar bait. 


Gandhi is perhaps in the top 3 greatest biopics of all time for me because of how moving it was. The story never wastes its time and getting to understand and feel this character was truly beautiful. Ben Kingsley gives one of the greatest performances I’ve ever seen. His ability to transform into this wonderful and complex character and really get under the skin of Gandhi was like nothing else. He was a joy to watch. 

The script is very powerful and pays an amazing tribute to Mahatma Gandhi himself. So many lines were simply inspiring and moving. It makes you think a lot about basic human rights and how injustices can lead to nothing but the loss of power and negativity. It’s a really thought-provoking film overall, and the rich screenplay pushes that. 

Unlike some biopic/epic movies where the filmmakers are simply trying to impress you and make the audience go “ooh” “ahh” at the cinematography every 2 seconds  this focuses way more on the story and characters than its technicals. The cinematography and scale are brilliant of course, but I cared way more about where the story was going than any technical aspect of the film. So overall it’s amazing, and it shocked me with how brilliantly beautiful it was. 

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