Charly ★★★

Ok so this was a really entertaining and engaging movie with an amazing Cliff Robertson performance and an interesting story but about an hour in it got really bizarre. From the music choices, to the way it was edited, to the story it all felt kind of out of place. There were some weird montages and the score was kinda funny-sounding as well. It wasn’t bad, just... odd. This movie gets a shit ton of hate but it also gets some love, and I’d say I’m not on either end. I can 100% see why Cliff won the Oscar. The academy members were probably having an emotional and heartfelt response to the movie, and in many ways it is very 60s. I thought he did a terrific job and I really don’t get the hate for the performance. It’s good overall, I enjoyed it but it’s very strange in its plot at that half way Mark and the turn it took. 

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