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  • The Birds

    The Birds


    Screw "the birds", how is this film not all about the stunning, enigmatic, casually glamorous, city-mouse turned country-gal, Annie Hayworth, who's whole character setup is filled with profound symbolism (compulsive soil tilling?) and a way more intriguing back story than that flighty (yes, I went there) Melanie Daniels?! Also, anytime her and Melanie Daniels were in the same frame, it was totes obvs where the whole Mulholland Drive blonde-brunette thing came from.
    The more Hitchcock I watch, the more I realize that man had a phenomenal costume designer. Every character is impeccably dressed despite the horrors that plague them. Style AND substance, all the way.

  • Mare of Easttown

    Mare of Easttown


    Kate Winslet, proving once again, she can handle any character thrown at her. Her rough-edged, emotionally-turmoiled performance as Mare has to be one of the best detective portrayals in recent memory. The plot of this mini-series is a standard, whodunnit mystery set in a small town, but it's the side stories of the broken families and their personal tragedies that makes this compelling and very emotional to watch.

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