Dune ★★★★½

Dune (2021)

Visually, "Dune" is absolutely nothing like you ever watched in your life. There are hundreds of characters, primarily following Timothée Chalamat's Paul, this is an adaptation of Frank Herbert's novel of the same name. And boy, did Director Denis Villeneuve kill it.

I watched it today in an IMAX 3D theatre, and the experience was out of the world. Much like the film's world itself, it focuses on a planet called Arrakis, and it's absolutely impossible to write a brief account of the events. This film has a lot going on and it was quite hard for me to understand everything, that's where those who have read the books, for them it will be easier to understand. But I was mesmerized by the visuals, from the sandy deserts to the flight scenes, everything presented on the screen is breathtaking. Denis, his team and cinematographer Greg Fraser executed this novel masterfully, and created a world that will stay in my mind forever.

The story isn't complete. It basically ends with Paul meeting Chani (Zendaya) and later fighting in a duel with one of them and getting accepted among the fremen. The story is not yet complete, and I'm glad that Denis gets to do a part 2, as the film itself shows the title card "Dune Part One." Zendaya appears in the dreams of Paul only, so don't expect much from her. She and Javier Bardem have very less scene. Bardem appears in only two scenes, one in a conversation with Oscar Isaac's character and others, and in the climatic scenes with the Freman and Paul.

In some scenes, when Paul uses his "voice", the seat echoed literally and Hans Zimmer's score literally is PERFECT. Technically, this film is perfect, and this was the best film viewing experience of my life. The film isn't the best ever, but the experience will stay with you if you watch it in an IMAX, like I did. Don't watch it on your phone, if you're not watching this film in an IMAX, you're not really watching it.

"Dreams Make Good Stories, But Everything Important Happens When We’re Awake", this film is like a dream come true. Cinema has come so far that it gives us something as visually marvelous as this. Live long Denis Villeneuve.
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