Moonlight ★★½

Yep, this one still sucks.
Many of my issues with it still stand.

Firstly, "Artistic imperfections"
For every good sequence this film has, there's always a shitty shaky-cam shot or some other generic shot-piece. The film isn't just imperfect artistically, it's inconsistent and sometimes downright laughable. Many moments of conflict look so unconvincing.
There was one shot of a subway that made me think "Am I watching art or a dull, shaky rap video?"

Secondly, "it's a cliched film"
Oh, it really is. Most of the positive reviews of Moonlight magnifies that, too.
It's just another "life journey" film. With all the questions of character, self-acceptance points and road twistings that I expected. But it isn't as bad as other modern 'life journey' films, I'll give it that. But it's still not that well written. It leads me back to something I wrote in a review of Boyhood, "Maybe stories like this aren't meant to be told anymore? Or maybe it was the...execution?"

Despite some questionable sound editing choices and more eh cinematography, I enjoyed the final act when I first saw it. It's not as effective on a rewatch. I liked the slow pace of it, though.

If the film deserves a nomination in any award category...
Yeah, I'd step out of my "i don't care much about acting" attitude just to say that. Plus, Ali was great in this.

I hope Barry Jenkins finds a different story to tell for his next feature. I mean, fucking kek, his filmography so far....

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