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I continuously used him as a human shield and then I threw him down the escalator.

I really like anthologies and kinetic stuff.

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  • Kwaidan



    There was an old article I read detailing the follies of early narrative cinema. I'm not sure of the title or author (you'll have to excuse me, I'm pretty sure I was a teenager at the time) but one of the central messages really stuck with me:

    In early cinema, cinematography didn't really exist. The closest storytelling performance medium was the theater. As such, many movies were filmed as if they were a play, and the camera was just the…

  • Wanted


    We live in a society.
    -Mark "Joker" Millar

    You know how the most vocal fans of both Fight Club and Falling Down are those who completely missed the point? Well in 2008 a sentient amalgamation of those bros were hired to write a movie. They loved Tyler Durden so much they hired his wife. There is no message about how alienation leads to base behaviors, and those behaviors are just as destructive to the self as to the world. Instead,…

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  • Leningrad Cowboys Go America

    Leningrad Cowboys Go America


    Criterion Challenge 37: Eclipse Series

    Let's get the takes out of the way.

    If I had discovered this movie in high school, I would have been that guy who made everyone I knew watch it.

    This movie is a time-travelling Gogol Bordello origin story.

    Ok takes over.

    This is a classic road-trip comedy, filtered through the eyes of a bunch of Finnish guys roasting the everliving shit out of Russia. It's absurd, it's heartfelt, it's wonderful.

    The plot is absolutely…

  • The Music Room

    The Music Room


    Criterion Challenge Film 36: India

    Anyone who consumes enough media will run across that old chestnut, about there only being three or so stories in the world. It's largely true. Sometimes there are obfuscating details and subplots galore, and other times you watch The Music Room.

    This is not a complicated plot. There aren't complicated symbols. There's a man with a deep desire that he allows to define his soul. He is punished for seeking it and idling within it…

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  • Q




    I have a long, positive history with "bad" movies, but a Rotten Tomatoes score below 30% is a nearly flawless indication that the movie isn't so-bad-it's-good, it's just boring.

    With that in mind, fuck all critics. I downloaded this on recommendation, then put off watching it over and over when I saw 23%. This movie thumbs its nose at that travesty of a score: it isn't just passable, it's really, really fun. It follows the first rule of…

  • Sea Fever

    Sea Fever


    This movie was made just months pre-pandemic. The plot about a bunch of people arguing with a scientifically-credible introvert that they refuse to quarantine and protect the entirety of their community from a deadly infection is a lot more frustrating to watch now. If I had seen it when it first came out I'd probably have thought these insane lines about "I need to see my wife and the community can take the risk" were bad writing.

    There are scenes…