Shame ★★★★½

One of the best, darkest, most depressing and thought provoking films I’ve seen in a while, well before blue valentine anyway. Shame is a dreadfully upsetting masterpiece and alook at how addiction can take over someone’s life, and it also explores a topic that really is not talked about enough.

Fassbender’s acting in this is phenomenal and he should’ve absolutely been given an oscar nomination at the very minimum fs. This touches on many different themes like loneliness, self harm, psychological abuse, sex addiction obviously but despite all the graphic nudity scenes I wouldn’t exactly call this film erotic in the slightest. 
The clever and subtle uses of various colours presented in each scene especially the colour blue really add to the desolate and lonely atmosphere the film gives off but it’s so perfectly executed. Steve McQueen is the master at making haunting and powerful films and this another fantastic example of that, I think this is probably my favourite from him.

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