The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

“We’re thirst for vengeance, but we cannot escape our fates.“

A gruesome, religious, Epic full of blood and raw emotion. The cinematography was absolutely amazing, and the soundtrack incredible too. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, the atmosphere and immersion this created was so strong and I haven’t seen anything like it in a long time. This will definitely be one of my favourite movies of 2022. The acting was great, but the choreography, set design and camera framing really took the spotlight for me. There were a couple plot twists, which really kept my interest. I really appreciated the final fight, I love end battles and in my opinion the ending did not disappoint.

My main issues were with the the pacing and certain elements of the the time jumps and character arcs. This is a story based from revenge and relentlessness. However, the time jump from childhood to manhood of our main character lacked some detailed story of how his morals have completely changed. I wish we’d seen more of how he came to be in the group we see him with in the future. The first quarter of the movie, while chaotic and loud, felt almost slow burn to be. It took a lot to gain my interest, but once it did I incredibly enjoyed The Northman.

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