Roma ★★★★

“It was dark... and there was lightning, and I didn’t know how to swim” 

I’m not sure why but that quote is exactly how I felt while watching parts of this film. I really enjoyed the first act and while I don’t believe I felt the full impact like everyone else, I can still recognize the beauty. I almost wish we saw more of the children and their personalities; I felt some of that was sacrificed for the visual aspects of the film. Yes I adored the wide and long shots but more meaningful dialogue could have taken place with the family. Maybe I’m reading too much into that, I do know it was meant to reflect a very realistic and basic life of a family and circumstance. The drama and heartbreak was all too realistic unfortunately. 

All in all, it wasn’t the most impactful film for me this year. I do credit some of that to being the fact I watched it late at night on Netflix when I’ve worked overtime all month. I’m exhausted. I’m sorry I can’t watch it for the first time over again, but I may try again when I’m more open to the experience.

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