Death Note

Death Note

Absolutely trash. 
Absolutely fucking trash. 
Do not watch this if you're a fan of the anime. 
Do not watch this if you like interesting characters or a plot that makes sense. 
Do not watch this shit. 
This was a lazy adaptation at best. 


I'm fine with it not copying the anime.  However, it was evident that they were trying to. They took key elements and plot points from the original and didn't add any interesting variation from there. There was a forced love story, a drawn out chase scene, and an action sequence that was not needed. Even the characters seemed to be incredibly wishy-washy with who they portrayed. Most notably was when L got emotionally attached and started making rash decisions. You're telling me that he was the youngest student in this program that was designed to completely destroy your mental sanity and only the strongest maintained it? And then to have the kind of reaction he did? This was an attempt to have a simplistic plot that a general audience could understand instead of one that actually challenged them. 

I would've been content with adaptation that actually wanted to be creative with the story instead of just a lazy cop out that just wanted to pull all the stops to draw in viewers. 

Do yourself a favor and go rewatch the anime or anything else.

But hey. This is the internet. You don't have to agree with me.

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