Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

Diminutive son Ash, a character whose wardrobe choices and constant adolescent sulk render his outward demeanor as an unlikeable oddball, never measures up to the legendary standards his father paved before him and his perfect cousin Kristofferson, no matter how hard he tries. With every twitch from his furry ear, we’re reminded how insignificant Ash is compared to the cousin he jealously idolizes and how rejected he feels in the presence of his immortalized father. He’s dismissive when his father is talking to him. Grasping at every moment to outdo and assume an ounce of dominance over him. That is, until he springs the question, “Who is this little boy going to be?” With his hands resting on his son’s scruffy face, Mr. Fox says, “Ash, I’m so glad he was you.” Tears begin slowly welling up in Ash’s eyes. The realization of his father’s love for him finally sinking in.

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