• Me and Orson Welles

    Me and Orson Welles


    It’s a bit melodramatic but it’s definitely my kind of movie. The actors that are tasked with reimagining legends successfully match the energy of those people if not the exact look. Even Zac Efron impresses in the shadow of a movie revolving around the charisma machine of Orson Welles. I don’t know anything about the creation of theatrical shows but I know this probably did a good job of showing it.

  • First Love

    First Love


    I love a movie that has consistent tone and I also love a movie with many characters and storylines that thread together. This has both of those things. I saw the trailer for this a couple years ago when I was just getting deeper into movies and thought it was super weird. I’m glad this is something I circled back to when I was more open to it.

  • Ted 2

    Ted 2


    Feature length episode of Family Guy basically. Some stuff is really funny some of it is really not.

  • House of Gucci

    House of Gucci


    My enjoyment of films lies largely in expectations. I have read how crazy this movie was and I loved nearly every second. Lady Gaga on 11, Jared Leto unrecognizable and hilarious. This movie doesn’t take itself seriously at all and it’s all the better for it. If you expect to see a comprehensive history lesson it’s buried completely under glorious excess and whacky accents.

  • Encanto



    This feels more like the recent Pixar movies than Walt Disney Animations. It’s very confined to its setting and tells a relatively low stakes story. The songs are quite fun though and it treats its story with care, even if at times it seems to cater to the kids too much.

  • Asako I & II

    Asako I & II


    Ryusuke Hamaguchi came up on my radar when his newest film Drive My Car( which I’m very impatiently awaiting) had a strong showing at Cannes this year. I’m always wanting to grow my international movie knowledge so luckily he has a couple movies that are now more accessible. This one is a great complicated love triangle that is very low key but has intense emotions and kind of is a gender swap of similar American-ized movies. I plan on watching more and more of his stuff even if some of his movies have very generous runtimes.

  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    It’s meandering and super subtle almost to the point of lacking rewarding closure. But the acting is great and the world is beautiful to be in. This is the Oscars favorite right now and it deserves all of it.

  • King Richard

    King Richard


    I could do with one more scene of Will smith and Aunjanue Ellis dukeing it out. The drama is pretty effective thanks to good acting from Will Smith, to veteran character actors, to newcomers. The real reason the nearly 2 and a half hours fly by though is the filming of the tennis. A lot of sports dramas fail at this but King Richard really know when to use action to keep the momentum going.

  • Chimes at Midnight

    Chimes at Midnight


    It sure is epic and the movie is better when Orson Welles is in the frame. However my Shakespeare is a little rusty and I can’t  say I understood most of the dialogue.

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife

    Ghostbusters: Afterlife


    Very enjoyable. The original movie is fun but I don’t care about this franchise like I do others. I absolutely love most of the new characters they introduce and for what it’s worth this movie is hilarious. It just doubles down way too much into fan service (albeit in a loving way) for someone who never experienced the franchise at the height of its powers.

  • Last Action Hero

    Last Action Hero


    It’s probably only fun for people who love movies. I think I found my preferred triple feature. This, kiss kiss bang bang, and The nice guys. Big Shane Black fan.

  • ParaNorman



    So funny, so heartfelt and the best kind of movie that doesn’t shove a message down your throat. The studio Laika came across my radar a few years ago when I saw and mostly liked A Missing Link. I knew of Coraline and Paranorman as a kid but they seemed a little weird. I was right they are a little weird but that’s what makes them stand out from other animation. It’s also easy to love stop motion because you can see all the work done on the screen.