Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending

"I love dogs."

While some applause is granted for the way the Wachowski siblings just lose all their inhibitions and just go with every whim that happens to enter their brains at any time during shooting, and are actually allowed to present this mess "as is" to the audience, being a recipient of this cacophony is quite frankly an ordeal.

I never grasped the motivations behind basically everything that went on, and it was a lot, and characters come and go as they please, wich I actually prefer to having them stop and chat. Chatting leads to lines like the quote up top, a way for our heroine (an alien in Kunis form) to admit feelings for a werewolf (Tatum).

If you like mindless shooting, where the hero never is in any danger (and many do, what with all things Marvel cropping up everywhere) and bright and shiny colours making you forget that there is no plot whatsoever, you might enjoy this. I pretty much hated it, though you could make the case for unintentional comedy having entertainment value.

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