we met on the first day of high school. 

it was health class, first period. the class buzzed with students eager to find their seats. I sat down next to her. she told me she remembered me from elementary school (I didn’t, and I still don’t).

we quickly became friends, and so began freshman year. we started our own club and eventually made more friends. we spent the year studying, playing, messing around like normal kids. 

sophomore year passed, as did junior year. our club didn’t meet anymore. our friend group dissipated. i no longer cared about studying or playing. 

it was the last year of high school. 

I feel in love. she didn’t. the year passed, just as the last two had. just me and her, friends as always. I went to prom, I graduated. she did too. 

it’s two years later now. she lives across the street from me. I see her all the time. she’s practically a part of my family now.

but she feels so far away.

I miss the days when I felt like there was nothing that could ever come between us. I miss the days when my love felt pure, raw, unbreakable.

after all of these years, she’s still number one in my heart; even if i’m not in hers.

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