Shazam! ★★½

If there’s one thing I took from this movie, it’s embrace your inner man child.

So yeah Shazam! isn't that bad. It's a much much smaller story than we're use to but it's also a pretty good example of how DC should apply Marvels formula. The movie is essentially about a boy who gets the powers to turn into a superhero by saying the words "Shazam!".

Starting off I have to make a formal apology to Suicide Squad for not being as much a Marvel ripoff as this movie. This movie is a blatant ripoff of the MCUs formula but it works! Idk why but it worked especially with this story where the perspective is from a child’s as opposed to a serious, edgy adult. Don’t get me wrong or anything this is still pretty bad but it’s wayyyyy better than some of the shit I’ve seen.

I’m just gonna make this quick. Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer and Cooper Andrews were great in the movie. I really like the adopted brothers dynamic and I think that’s a credit to the actors. Everybody else is either mildly forgettable or flat out bad.

There are some moments of the story that I think could have been presented differently, some of the characters motivations are very meh and of course the logical inconsistencies however I don’t think it’s worth getting that much into this time around.

This is a movie that’s very cartoony and cheesy at times but it knows exactly what it is and I always thought this movie captured the vibe of the DC universe more than Zack Snyder’s vision personally but to see them combine would definitely be something. Let’s not forget though that this movie also adheres to the more light hearted tone introduced by Joss Whedon. Food for thought.

For those of you that’s gonna bitch about my rating. This isn’t that quality of a movie, be honest with yourself and your standards HOWEVER this movie is something special. I think this may be the only DCEU movie that’s capable of beings sole stand alone movie unreliable in any way to another movie in the franchise. For that, I think this movie is special.

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