Se7en ★★★★★

Everything about Se7en is perfect. 
There isn't one scene in the entire movie that feels out of place, there isn't one bad performance, there aren't any bland cliché's, loose ends or cheap thrills. The entire movie earns every ounce of suspense, every shocking moment and every moment of unpleasantness.

The atmosphere is miserable and sour befitting with the type of world that's illustrated by Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman's character. We never learn which city it's taken place in giving it the ambience of a myth or that it could happen in fill in the blank city. 

Mills' character arc is hinted at from moment one and you genuinely feel like a fool for not seeing it coming. He is often used as an audience insert since he is the newest working with Morgan Freeman and it's genuinely fascinating how I wanted to make the switch decision as he did at the very end even at Somerset's warning. Morgan Freeman's character Somerset is our voice of reason, never going too far down the rabbit hole but also never afraid to get his hands dirty.

The sins are both creative and alarming never making you doubt that the man behind them is not only a psychopath but a genius. Kevin Spacey delivers a chilling performance that only he can manifest, coming off as both misguided but brilliant.

What a way to kick off spooky season. Absolutely one of my favorite thrillers and one of my favorite movies of all time. A must see for fans of horror, thriller and drama.

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