Pig ★★★½

There's no scene where Nicholas Cage is beating someone with a baseball bat screaming "Where's my fucking pig? Where's my fucking pig?!"

When Nicholas Cage gets his truffle pig taken from him, he has to go out searching for it.

Pig is a somber film dedicating it's themes to Empathy, Loss and Mourning which I enjoyed as compared to high octane energy from the John Wick films. Emulating an A24 style without being one of their films the movie has a strong sense of what it is and why it should be seen.

The primary issue I have is the antagonists motivation is shaky at best. Leaving the third act a mess considering 20-25 minutes could have been solved if the anatagonist was just upfront about what's going on. Also the pacing is sort of shot, I feel this would've been better served as a short film.

Music is incredible, Nicholas Cage brings a great back-to-form performance even if he's grunting most of the time and Alex Wolff proves yet again he's worthy of working alongside some of the greats.

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