Godzilla ★★★★

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Godzilla is a movie about a monster who rises from the depths of the ocean and wreaks havoc on Japan. The film stands as a metaphor for the horror and PTSD suffered immediately after WWll and the atomic bombings of Japan.

Effects are extremely dated as to be expected. Edits are choppy and the miniatures are hardly convincing however the story is pretty strong centered around the drama around how to stop Godzilla as oppose to the love triangle originally imagined. 

Whilst very dated visually and dialogue wise the film is strong in its roots against nuclear testing and the dangers it presents. Godzilla is a force to be reckoned with in this movie leaving everyone who encounters him in terror. There are some terrifying moment in the movie like in the beginning when Shinkichi runs after his family or the mother who’s comforting her son. Very dark.

The dialogue is pretty bad. It isn’t very naturalistic and it’s mostly expository for peoples ideas however there is some very good character stuff in here especially regarding Serizawa and Emily Yamane. 

This movie serves as a forever reminder of the effects both psychological and physical the atomic bomb had on Japan. This movie is very good even if extremely dated however its story is simple. People are faced with a problem and they’re trying to deal with it without any extra drama or baggage. While its simplicity doesn’t necessarily help it also keeps the movie from suffering unnecessary damage to its narrative or characters.

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