Godzilla vs. Kong ★★

I don’t care about bad human characters
I don’t care about Monarch
Just give me 60-80 minutes of Godzilla and Kong duking it out
If that’s all people wanna see then give us just that.

Godzilla vs. Kong is the fight of the year. Notice how there isn't King in the title, that's cause Godzilla said you gotta go through my ass to get that.

So the movie is about Godzilla being pissy about something, nobody knows what's antagonizing him but conveniently some scientists are trying to find Kong a new home around this time so they try to investigate something called a Hollow Earth. Sound complicated because it can be. This story has a lot going on with the human characters....again.

Let's get into the Pros: I like the fighting. Lizard brain likes big destruction. The fighting is tighter than before with the action being faster yet still grandios at times yet I still miss the slow moving realism of the remake. Mechagodzilla is badass and I came to Kongs design more after seeing him walk more as an ape. The CGI looks a lot better thank god. I also think some good ideas were introduced like the Hollow Earth, this place where the Titans came from, the motivation behind why this company would create a Mechagodzilla to defend humanity, this child who’s deaf and can communicate with Kong. 

The Cons: With a lot being introduced comes a lot of exposition and a lot of catch up. There's so much I wish would've been established before in other movies like Apex Industries or the girl who can speak to Kong or even the hollow earth. All of these take time away from what we want to see and could have easily been established beforehand. I don’t like Millie Bobby Browns or Alexander Skarsgårds plots, they’re used specifically to set these new things up including 2100 hover tech rather that creating good human drama and investment. How much more investing would it be if we were following a team of scientists or a specific team of marines rather than this guy and the goonies? Also why not bring back Aaron Taylor-Johnson? He would’ve been a welcome return. Millie Bobby Brown just knows these details about the monsters and it’s excused by the idea that she’s the directors daughter but why wouldn’t that be classified? How was Kongs species civilized to the point of being able to build a city?

So is the movie good? Well, I mean, it made me like Kong: Skull Island more. It’s a lot of fun. The action is badass and more engaging than in prior films. If we’re walking writing specifically however it’s kinda doo doo but I don’t really blame this movie, these problems existed long before this movie came about. I think it’s a really entertaining movie and if somebody edited this movie down to just be along and Godzilla this would probably be a much higher score.

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