Godzilla: King of the Monsters ½

This one really got under my skin👿

This movie is garbage. Action schlock of the highest caliber. I went into this movie so excited too because I was hoping it'd be more of what I wanted and boy was it not. This movie is everything I didn't want the sequel to be, rushed, overcrowded, sloppy, boring and downright lazy.

Consistency isn't a thing in this universe. This is not the same universe as the 2014 Godzilla film. Everybody now acts like a cartoon and the common argument for this is "that's how all the Godzilla, monster fighty movies have been." Well I'm sorry your standards are so low because this was DOGSHIT.

Why does Vera Farminga think releasing the Kaiju will save the world? What's her logic behind any of this? It's insanity! Charles Dance is wasted as he is in any movie he's casted in. CGI is garbage throughout, the movie is unnecessarily bloated with different monsters when it needed two maybe three at most. Monarch is now some super tech organization when they were just some agency in the first movie.

This movie was disappointing on every level. The monster fights weren't even cool. We don't get to the first fight until like 40 minutes in. There probably isn't 10 minutes of fight scenes so people saying they watch this just for the monster fights are fucking lying. I like that Serizawa sacrifices himself like in the original but that's surface level at best. Either write your human shit better or cut it out. I will happy eat up a 40-60 minute Godzilla epic of just action if it means cutting out the terrible human subplots.

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