Godzilla ★★★½

All Hail the King.

Godzilla is a remake of the 1954 original except it's Americanized🇺🇸 this time around. The film centers around a mystery surrounding a catastrophe in Japan 15 years ago that leads to the unveiling of giant Kaiju who lead a rampage across the world.

This movie is actually really really great and it seems the only arguments I hear have to do with the fact we don't see Godzilla enough, which is subjective and the acting isn't that great which I can agree with. The acting isn't anything that's gonna win Oscars but it's serviceable, let's not pretend it's bad or something. I also really like how they hold off from showing you Godzilla, I think it builds alot of suspense that's well paid off personally.

I'd say the only things that I really don't like in this movie is the plot with Aaron Taylor-Johnsons acting. Elizabeth Olsen is gorgeous and I will love her till the day I die. Now she has a minor role and she does very good in said minor role but it's also sort of unnecessary. I guess it's to remind us what our protagonist is fighting for but it doesn't contribute to much. Brian Cranston I think serves his purpose and then rightfully leaves before his role becomes oversaturated. Serizawas logic behind wanting to let the Kaiju fight is stupid and very underdeveloped. There's also the plot twist of a second MUTO that sort of comes out of nowhere and also why is this one guy like allowed to follow the action wherever it is? That seems dangerously contrived. There's also no way Ford would've been able to get off that boat and get the bomb away in time.

I really don't want much more out of a Godzilla movie. There's intruige, mystery (even if there are some holes), I love how realistic it takes itself rather than being as cartoonish as it can be (this helps in the gravitas of the situation as well as making Godzilla truly seem larger than life), it pays homage to the meaning behind Godzilla (even if they did retcon his origin😡) and it serves as a perfect singular tale that isn't requiring of any sequels.

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