The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

Hellscape visualization post- gossip girl where the scape is still mostly the physical and known aughts-Earth with a fine layer of social effluvium overlaid and shot out, but pre- perfect and closed MetaMecca where the world is bubbled out and removed into itself. Takes the world *NSEAN parker posits "we lived in farms we lived in cities and now we will live on the internet" and feeds it into a dense textural prison where every shot is either tight and stable and populated with purpose or swinging in acceleration-less vectors through and past CGI-closed railings, windowpanes, puffs of rendered breath in hermetic winters, old frigid buildings and spaces filled with blueish or yellowy lozenges of colors, pixels, lights, friendship which is a series of capital transactions and the silly fleshy smiles of good boys are pared off and superfluous, where the fine clusters of many-noted swarmatron motifs tear holes in the skin like uneasy little needles, i always give so much, i am giving too much all the time so I am not left behind, or i am cutting off wired in behind the glass, which you are left on the other side of. what do you mean get left behind? Well, it is not all so serious.

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