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  • The Sell Out

  • A Man's Flower Road

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  • The Hunter

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  • The Matrix

    The Matrix

    Green like a David Fincher flick and feeling slightly larger than the work of Proyas, The Matrix is one of those films that has all of the flash and the strong aesthetics we have come to expect with cyberpunk. it’s little more than the offspring of Burton’s Batman and much like other late-90’s-leather-clad cinematic experiences it borrows heavily from Burton’s interpretation of Bob Kane’s work.

    We all know the story here; Plato’s the Cave mixed with the Sprawl Trilogy. evoking…

  • The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

    The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane


    Occassionally dreamy, moody, undervalued gem that at times feels like it should be a solid companion piece to a Polanski film with its thoughtful cinematography, color palette, and characters.

    Unfortunately the characters come off a bit shallow, as the style of acting shifts towards the back end of the film to support this thought.
    Jodie Foster is strong in the role of 13 year old Rynn Jacobs, daughter of a famed poet who never makes any public appearances which captures…

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  • The Million Pound Note

    The Million Pound Note

    Trading Places minus the racial element, starring Gregory Peck, but nowhere near as good as the Eddie Murphy / Dan Akroyd vehicle. The blueprint is here, the moral of the story is similar albeit a bit watered down by comparison, however of course there is still some validity in the premise.

    From a techincal standpoint it checks most of the boxes, its just unfortunate that the performances here are not very compelling. Peck was a fine actor in his time…

  • The Trail of the Broken Blade

    The Trail of the Broken Blade

    The elegant early work of Chang Cheh really begins here for most non-Chinese film goers. Well composed, a good mix of sets as well as outdoor locations. There is stimulating camera movement reminiscent of some of the French and Japanese New Wave films of the era.

    There is obvious influence from the Italian Westerns aesthetics help diof giants such as Leone which serve to distract from the rudimentary storyline featuring common, classics tropes of good versus bad, and a noble…