F9 ★★★

Actually solid movie, the change in writer is definitely for the better. It’s so great to finally see a female characters doing something and having more than one conversation with each other. Also the lack of gratuitous butt shots in this film was a huge step forward. Of course a car in space is goofy, of course the magnets are dumb, but it’s a Fast and Furious movie, who cares? This is 100% the best looking fast film, the lighting in Japan was stellar. The flashbacks shot on film has such a gorgeous quality to them, and the street race between young Dom and Jakob was actually shot so well, the slow motion was used really nicely and the music fit terrifically. The casting itself for their younger counterparts was insane, young Dom acted exactly like Vin Diesel and young Jakob looked exactly like John Cena. The story itself was alright, the whole lost brother story is a little overplayed but I do like how it was played as a broken relationship instead of a big revelation. It was cool seeing Tokyo Drift characters return, same for Mia, who also had a really cool fight sequence. Elle was a cool addition to the family and I’m excited to see what she does next. Hans reintroduction felt a little odd as a lot wasn’t explained very well. Regardless, it’s a good movie, very fun time on the big screen, high octane action all around.

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