Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

I know it, i can feel it, we’ll be remembering this one for years. Coming from the writer of My Life as a Courgette, i knew i would love this but wasn’t expecting it to be this absolutely fucking amazing. Stories about forbidden love usually don’t move me this much, but this one absolutely destroyed my sensibilities. How wonderful is it that the best looking film of the year has brush strokes as its soundtrack, much like La Belle Noiseuse, and a ravishing chemistry between the two women. Rarely does Céline Sciamma explain her characters, all is left to Adéle Haenel and Luána Bajrami to electrify you, and electrifying it was. It is an actors movie when it needs to be and is at its most captivating, otherwise its a perfect display of subtle struggle in late 18th century France. Best movie of the year.

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