Shoeshine ★★★★★

"listen, chief. you can kill us, but we can't tell you what we don't know."

a beautifully filmed tragedy. two young boys live a life of poverty and neglect, but their lives changed forever when they were arrested after being drawn into the sale of stolen goods so they were sent to the juvenile. the brutality, the lack of care, the injustices they face from those around them, from family to officialdom, are shown very effectively. it's a slow burn which eventually reaches a breaking point that pits the two old friends against one another, building to a wonderfully tragic climax.

despite everything, it has some funny and heartfelt scenes. it shows us that those "bad" boys in juvenile have a heart and strong loyalty too. because they are kids after all. for Pasquale, wish i could hug you. and Raffaele, huhu hancur hatiku.

De Sica is the master when it comes to capturing the humanity and sentimentality of anguish and tragedy. thankyou, sir. i had a good cry.

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