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    Cause of death: cringing at the maximum level of predictiblity and banality in a movie for its entire runtime. And what was with that shit line: "bitches like you are the fucking problem"? Disgusting.

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza


    I'm sorry but this was an absolute waste of time. What the hell is wrong with movies these days and who gives a damn about these two very unlikable characters, or such a dull pointless story? Well, sadly the answer is A LOT of people, but I just can't be one of them.
    The scary thing is I couldn't take it anymore by the time I got to 1/3 of it so I watched the rest in fast motion but it still took me 3 torturing hours to finish it.

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    Somebody be the Molaei to my Majid, please.

  • Zodiac


    Have we all watched the same movie here? I really can't bring myself to call this a thriller.
    If you don't mind wasting 2 hours and 45 mins to finally get to see just one notable scene towards the end in the entire movie, be my guest.
    Horrible performances, dull characters, lack of suspense, bombarding the audience with tons of meticulous information only to get absolutely nowhere, and let me just cut to the chase, boring and slow as hell.
    So slow that I wanted to kill myself.
    It's as if a psychopath like Zodiac himself has made this film.