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  • A Story of Floating Weeds

    A Story of Floating Weeds


    The ending is what really throws its brilliance into relief, the series of escalating illusions finally and abruptly struck down only to pick up, in the final three shots, one last, desperate leap of faith.

  • Good Morning

    Good Morning

    Somewhat surprising to see it described as a "remake," even informally, of I Was Born, But.... It's more mellow, and with the bullying plotline gone (or rather, transferred to the adult level), so goes the ideas at the heart of the original film in favor of new ones: the adorably instinctual camaraderie between the young boys as compared to the impossibly difficult conversations between the parents.

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  • Demolition of a Wall

    Demolition of a Wall


    The best known of the Lumière shorts are La sortie de l’usine and L’arrivée d’un train à la Ciotat, but in fact it was Démolition d’un mur which was the film most favored by the brothers of the ones projected at the initial showcase. This was because, as is well known, it was the only film in the showcase which could be shown in both directions and was run forward (the wall being destroyed) and backward (the wall being reconstructed)…

  • Belly


    The film was written two years before the release of It’s Dark and Hell is Hot and he was the last person in the film to be cast, but it’s hard to imagine a role that feels more tailored to DMX - the persona and the man, Earl Simmons - than Tommy. No one else will ever have that DMX feeling.