Da 5 Bloods

Da 5 Bloods ★★★★

This new Spike Lee joint is ambitious, powerful, emotional, funny and bold. I’m glad Netflix exists because I’ve doubts if any  studio would finance this. 

Delroy Lindo gives a genuinely powerful performance especially the 4th wall breaking monologue. In fact every actor in the film is great. Apart from Chadwick Boseman they do not have any big name actors but who cares about that when you have such a strong chemistry and bond between the leads. 

The 2.5 hours breezes by like nothing. At no point did the film dull down. A lot of people probably won’t prefer the direction the 2nd half took but I liked it. My only issue is that I wish some of the characters (apart from Paul, Otis and David) were a bit more fleshed out. Their development was a bit rushed. 

A beautiful looking film with some banger soundtrack. This is a must watch!

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