The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid ★★★★

i have been wishing and dreaming and pretending to be ariel my entire life and i got to see her as a version of myself and as a reflection of women who look like me, giant on screen. i got to see her be charming and beautiful and curious and confident in all the ways that i thought weren’t meant for me. i thought that ariel could only ever be a dream. that she was as far out of my reach as the clouds in the sky and there was no room in this world for her and i to be the same.

i’ve been taking baby steps towards healing and i have yet to really tackle, let alone overcome, the mountain of insecurities that stem from so many places. but slowly, i’m beginning to realize that ariel isn’t so far away anymore. that she can be within reach and that she can be me, as i can be her. i came of age with ariel, spending many years by her side. today, on my 23rd birthday, i got to come of age with her again, her as me, and i as her.

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