Logan ★★★★★

to avoid confronting my feelings about this movie, I will do some science for you.
Troye Sivan played a young James Howlett in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Dafne Keen plays a clone of James Howlett, Laura/X-23.
Which means, canonically and according to science- this is what Troye Sivan would look like as a girl lol
Wait, nope- just out scienced myself. She was made with two of his X-chromosomes, meaning that she shares 100% genetic material with Logan's mom. Shite, so she's essentially a clone of Logan's mother. Wait no, doesn't work that way OKAY FINE I'M JUST TRYING TO USE SCIENCE TO HIDE THE FACT THAT THIS MOVIE MADE ME CRY IM CRYING RIGHT NOW ARE YOU HAPPY??

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