Moonlight ★★★★½


The Oscars are tomorrow night, so I figure I'd watch what seems to be the front runner for best picture, Moonlight. This film has had a massive amount of hype surrounding it. Critics and movie buffs a like have been raving about it. So what did I think? Like most people it seems, I loved it. Besides one issue I have with it, I think it's almost flawless.

The story follows Chiron in three points in his life, childhood, his teenage years and adulthood. I feel like the story is best unspoiled, so I'm going to keep it that way. It's an emotionally impacting film for sure. Like a better version of Boyhood, with a much more interesting main character.

The acting is great. The direction is excellent. The cinematography is incredible( I got some slight City Of God vibes from it, anyone else?). The editing is amazing. The pacing also is really good. Like I said, it's an almost flawless film. If just a few characters got some more development, I would totally classify this as a masterpiece.

Definitely see this film. Though I personally want Manchester By The Sea to win best picture, you won't hear no arguments from me if this wins. It's a powerful story. Thank you for reading.

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