Logan ★★★★


I was pretty excited to see this and it didn't disappoint. Really good story. Tremendous acting( Jackman and Stewart have never been better. This is both there last X men movie and they went out on a high note). Awesome brutal action scenes. Good editing. Solid direction. Some cool references to other X men movies and even a couple of classic westerns( Shane, Unforgiven). And some really nice character moments.

It's not flawless though. The only problems I have with it are really shitty villains( seriously, they're BAD) and that while the storytelling itself is quite good, it is a bit predictable. You can see things coming a mile away. But those few problems shouldn't take away too much from this film.

Overall, I really enjoyed Logan. It's a great sendoff to this legendary character. Hugh Jackman certainly went out on a high note. Thanks for reading :)

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