Black Widow

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soooo heres the more sensible review ig...

this film is near perfect, the only major flaw i can point out is that it came out a bit too late. not bc it was postponed for like an INFINITE NUMBER OF TIMES (ill have the same thoughts even if it was released in 2020)

prequels simply doesnt fit this kind of film genre. anticipation and excitement is what fuel these films. the audience alr knows what happens after the film and that cancels out the excitement.

anddd just like what i said, thats the only major flaw i can point out. the cgi and vfx is alr amazing per an mcu film usual BUT its a little less "cleaner" compared to other mcu films but yea again, doesnt change the fact that its amazing.

the storyline is what gives. the whole writing slaps! it is on the less predictable tail of the mcu film scale. the very subtle comedic undertone somehow fits the movie rlly well. and and anddd i honestly loved how the story revolved around nat's origin and family and not on her alone. BUT with that, i kinda want us to see more of her likeee- this story wasnt completely about her sooo another movie would be nice /hj.

the performances aaaahh!! everyone was sooo gooood!! it was florence pughs mcu debut and she already proved that she belongs here. im hoping to see more of everyone in the upcoming films.

i think its safe to say that this film is worth waiting for. LIKE LITERALLY- the years of waiting was well worth it. this wouldve been perfect if it was released sooner, but yes all everything youd wanna see in an mcu film is here. well written and executed. something thats definitely worth watching.

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