Scream ★★★★½

There are certain rules one must abide by in order to successfully survive a horror movie. 

To watch this movie and read through these reviews is to realize Matthew Lillard, like fellow turn-of-the-millennium icon Brendan Fraser, is in a very small club of actors that through sheer charm, nostalgia, and talent can never ever ever do any wrong in our eyes when they appear on screen. Zoinks til infinity. 

A masterclass in meta, Scream deconstructs decades of horror movie tropes, toes the line of self-awareness without falling entirely into satire, and launches an iconic franchise all of its own. Director Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson make a dynamic one-two punch here — the former being an established master within the popular horror canon, bringing a sense of authenticity to a film set on subversion. The latter, a then-newcomer and homegrown fan of the genre with a high knack for film references and teen drama, a skills combo that would continue to be honed as he later penned I Know What You Did Last Summer and created Dawson’s Creek.

What’s your favorite scary movie? 


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