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  • Two-Lane Blacktop
  • The Wind Will Carry Us
  • Cemetery Man
  • A Brighter Summer Day

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  • Leave Her to Heaven


  • Le Franc

  • Destry Rides Again


  • The Brickmakers

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  • Exterminate All the Brutes

    Exterminate All the Brutes

    Chaotic? Maybe. Disorganized? No.

    Having had the chance to read Lindqvist and Dunbar-Ortiz’s books beforehand, I was surprised to notice how Peck reads directly from the texts for at least 50% narration (hence the “A film by/With” credit). But with the film, Peck radically reorganizes the information, causing some unique collisions along the way. Scout Tafoya perceptively calls this Pecks “Histoire(s) du Cinema,”  and it’s true: the arrangement is very personal and passionate, resembling a matrix of thought more so than…

  • Thunderbolt and Lightfoot

    Thunderbolt and Lightfoot


    Itinerary for a road trip with Clint: ditch your corrupt unit in Arizona (The Gauntlet), decide to head to the border and run some drugs through New Mexico (The Mule), stop for some fishin’ in Colorado (Every Which Way But Loose), tar some nefarious hog-riders in Wyoming (Any Which Way You Can), lug the corpse of your new best pal through Montana (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot), start a Wild West show in Idaho (Bronco Billy), then circle back to Nevada to hack up a lung while recording tunes with Marty Robbins (Honkytonk Man).