Three Giant Men

Three Giant Men ★★★★

Had no idea how much I'd enjoy watching Spider-Man murder people. His favorite place to murder people is in the shower, but he'll murder people on the beach or in a cave. The location is secondary to the actual murdering, you understand. He gets creative with it too, like a giallo villain. You can tell he's really passionate about his murdering.

Jane, you can leave me on it, because I love this crazy thing. The clothes and sets and nightclubs are all totally hip, man, and the fighting has the funniest foley work I've ever heard. The only real sin for schlock is to be boring, and 3 Dev Adam kept things more than crazy enough. At one point one dude picks up another upside-down dude from behind, and the upside-down dude just keeps kicking like some of upside-down kicking machine.

You know the secret to spotting a knockoff Captain America? He's missing his shield. Whether it's a flea market action figure or a 1944 serial, it ain't Cap if he ain't got that mighty shield.

This thing has no right to exist, but it does, and it's awesome. A bit gorier than I expected, but only a tiny bit. I'm not familiar with Turkish ripoffs of Mexican and American superheroes, so it might be the normal amount. For fans of low-budget superheroics or copyright-infringing schlock, or if you just want to see Spider-Man murder women in the shower.

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