Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★

Where the Crawdads Sing tries to tell an intricate tale of love, loss and retribution but somewhere along the journey becomes a bit muddled up with the flow and consistency of the storytelling.

Make no mistake, Daisy Edgar-Jones absolutely delivers a very strong performance as Kya aka The Marsh girl. The story is setup into two parts, the initial murder trial and then the film working back with flashbacks to tell the story leading up to the death of Chase Andrews.

The trial was very predictable from the beginning but the film tries to weave in and out of pure disbelief in order to set up the "twist" at the end. Though you would think that the courtroom scenes would usually be the highlight of a film of this genre, it left much to be desired. I was a fan of the flashbacks and the storytelling, the story about the girl raising herself and the town being against her was a great opening, however are we to believe that girl ended up being as pretty as Daisy Edgar-Jones???? Makeup department surely could've done something to make her less perfect, clothing was also quite clean too.

The story follows a dead Chase Andrews, Kya being arrested on suspicion of being the killer. We then get flashbacks to her poor childhood, I honestly have no clue why she stayed even after he father abandoned her. We meet the first love interest Tate, who leaves to go to college but then ghosts Kya by not sending her any letters. Then along comes douchebag number 2, Chase Andrews who is also not a good guy but far worse than Tate and quite honestly deserved it.

The flashbacks I didn't mind, but jumping in and out of the trial was a bit annoying. Everything is quite obvious and I didn't like the way the final scene played out, are we supposed to believe that no one knew the truth right till the end. The two main white guys looked way too similar and that was a bit of an odd choice. Artistically a nice film to watch, but not sure how accurate it is to the book or if the way they chose to put the film together just wasn't the right fit. If you're a fan of Daisy, watch the film for her, otherwise it's probably just an okay film, Carolina by Taylor Swift at the end credits was a nice choice too.

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