Mank ★★★½

Probably the least suspenseful or thrilling Fincher film I've ever seen (and I've seen them all). Overall, there is nothing wrong with the movie other than it's quite boring, to be honest. Everything about the film is well-done as is expected with David Fincher. However, there isn't really any buildup towards some grande finale. The character of Mank is quite fascinating - he's loose cannon who speaks his mind and is unafraid to express his opinions, regardless of how self-destructive they might be. Given that the film is about the making of Citizen Kane, I appreciate the social commentary it is making about the power of "the free press" in the USA. One thing I will say about the movie that I felt that there were too many flashbacks and jumping around in time. The movie is well-made and the story is interesting though it is rather boring and the movie ends in a whimper.

Also, Bill Nye as Upton Sinclair is cringe af.

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