Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★½

Ultimately, it's incredibly interesting and much better for the Daniels as artists than them doing Loki for Marvel would've been. Michelle Yeoh is great, as is Ke Huy Quan. The comedy worked at some points, but some of the reddit humor were pushing it by being unfunny (the hot dog finger universe, references to the "everything on a bagel" meme). The emotional core is still pretty solid and isn't bogged down a huge amounts by the constant jokes, but it would've worked better if some moments were allowed to breathe more as dramatic moments. Does it deserve the spot as #1 on the Letterboxd Top 250? No, and it probably won't stay at that spot for long. Is it a good film that I would recommend? Yes, and I hope that the Daniels are able to keep making original stories and not IP.

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