Pretend That You Love Me

Pretend That You Love Me ★★★★

For about the first twenty minutes, I nagged at this movie. I wondered where it was going and to what everything was leading, because surely it had to be traveling somewhere and that destination, wherever it was, didn't seem immediately evident regardless of everything present. I wondered why there were so many wide shots, and though I chalked it up to being a "YouTube thing", the thought never left my mind. I wanted more of a clear narrative. My in-the-moment expectations clouded my viewing during those twenty minutes of the movie. Somewhere along the way, though, I accepted the movie. I sank into its vibe.

Then, approximately fifty minutes in, this thing crystallized in a way all at once unexpected, quiet, and profound. Right now, I can't describe how worthwhile it is as a whole other than very, even if it felt as if it takes its time getting there. I want to talk about this with other people who see and resonate with it. It's free. It's ninety-four minutes. It's more vulnerable, raw, authentic, and ultimately striking across the board than one might expect, and it's so much better for it. Please watch it.

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