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  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Mr. Nice Guy

    Jackie and Sammo together for one last ride.

    Sadly my blu ray was corrupted and could not play two of the scenes so I will not rate this.

  • Halloween: The Death of Michael Myers

    Halloween: The Death of Michael Myers

    I applaud the effort to make a feature length fan sequel even if it has its fair few shortcomings. Dr Loomis is played by a 25 year old in a very ill fitting baldcap and a fake goatee. Every other supporting actor has a long ponytail and look mistakenly like each other. There is a scene where it took me several minutes to realize that none of the characters in the scene was Tommy Doyle because they are all just have the same ponytail look.

    There’s some fun gore work and dedication, but it’s also very cheap looking and not very inventive in the plot.

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