The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

Like the chorus, I generally approve of Robert Eggers. The phantasmic visuals, the period research, the big acting, the eerie folkloric atmosphere. The end product is always a decent piece of transportive modern arthouse cinema. The Northman continues that run in all aspects. Alexander Skarsgard seizes the role in a way which makes him feel the only man right for it, and Eggers really leans in for those big close-up moments in his performance. Nicole Kidman once again dominates as she typically does (a supporting Oscar nomination campaign wouldn't be amiss). I didn't even recognise Claes Bang. Bjork and Ethan Hawke also sink into character. It's a knockout ensemble with the visuals to match. It is one of the more respectable additions to Viking cinema (although the likes of 1958's The Vikings and The 13th Warrior remain closer to my heart, and Eggers' The Witch remains his most successful picture overall despite spirited subsequent attempts).

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