Thor: Love and Thunder

Thor: Love and Thunder ★★★

Watched At : Cineworld (IMAX)

We are at the midway point people of phase 4 in the 'MCU'. And I have been pretty disappointed with this new run, abeit two films.
Maybe it's running out of abit of steam who knows. But on we go to the next installment of 'Thor'. I can honestly say this is very mid-tier Marvel for me, some elements didn't work though, the tone was pretty much all over the place and the pace felt very uneven.
It was hard to get into it with the sadder stuff coupled in with the romance, then hitting you with straight up comedy it certainly put me off a tad.
Don't get me wrong when the laughs hit they hit, but is nowhere near the level of 'Ragnarok' in my opinion. As I said at the start disappointed but by any means no way worse than any other mid-tier Marvel.

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