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  • Babylon



    Watched At : Cineworld

    I think I'd be pretty pushed to even contemplate what I witnessed in those 3 hours, or even for that matter describe in in so many words how i felt.
    But I think this will probably be Chazelle's most decisive picture going forward. And because of that it will reflect in my rating.
    The first 40 or so minutes took me out of the film so much I didn't think it would recover from how crazy…

  • Avatar: The Way of Water

    Avatar: The Way of Water


    Watched At : Cineworld (3D)

    Well it took awhile but we finally got an Avatar sequel, even though people weren't necessarily screaming out for one.
    Once I came out of the screen, my immediate thoughts were extremely positive. I could easily spend another 3 + hours in 'Pandora', I allowed my self to just get swept away in the beauty of it all.
    I for one was never bored throughout it's runtime, even though I felt it to be excessive…

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  • Ghostwatch



    Watched On - Blu-Ray

    I could only imagine what this must've been like to experience that Halloween night in '92, I think my 7 year old self would've probably had nightmares for a week.
    But seeing this though adult eyes it certainly doesn't hit that scare factor, not to say I didn't enjoy it but I think it would've had a much bigger impact on me as a child.
    I will say everyone played their part to a tee, maybe that's why it was so believable and creepy for the time. A well put together 'Mockumentry' and one I may revisit again.

  • Scream VI

    Scream VI


    Watched At : Cineworld

    Has the Scream franchise ran out of that freshly squeezed juice already? In my opinion yes but on the other hand maybe not.
    The change of setting moving from Woodsboro to N.Y is a nice change of pace and certainly has a bigger playground to play in. But I think they could've possibly utilised the location more.
    There's a 'Sidney' shaped hole missing throughout which hopefully gets addressed in 7. Her presence is sorely missed here…

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  • The Northman

    The Northman


    Watched At : Cineworld

    One of Robert Eggers biggest films to date, in size and in scope.
    He crafts this tale of murder & revenue and turns it into a full scale epic. The cast was excellent across the board, along with the production, cinematography and the foreboding atmosphere it creates throughout.
    It certainly doesn't let up for one second that's merit to his direction and the story told to keep you invested from the start. Won't be everyone's taste but I loved it.

  • Candyman



    Watched At : Cineworld

    "Say his name"

    don't misunderstand this and come into this being a straight up horror flick because it's definitely not.
    It has a very different tone to the first playing out more of a slow burn to build how atmospheric and suspenseful it was, the music did play and help a huge part in that.
    However what I did find fascinating and in a clever way is how they used marionettes to tell of 'Candyman's' back…