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30 Countries in 28 Days: Foreign Movie Challenge in February

My list of movies for 30 countries, 30 films challenge, except that I'm doing it in February like a rebel. I've added regions too (e.g. East Asia.) I wanted to cover the whole globe and hit every major region (major in terms of cinema, but geographically too.)

  • The Brood

    1.The Brood

    Canada: North America. Cronenberg movie where Cronenberg things happen. I'm sure it's an accurate reflection of Canada as well.

  • Here Comes the Devil

    2.Here Comes the Devil

    Mexico: Mexico. A couple loses their children while on vacation. It always bugged me that Mexico isn't called part of Central American and often not North America either. It's crazy talk! But Mexico is a distinct, large country that should get its own category.

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  • 2012: Curse of the Xtabai

    3.2012: Curse of the Xtabai

    Belize: Central America. Mayan prophesy predicts that a cave will blow open in 2012 and unleash the Xtabai to destroy the world. Apparently it's the first full-length film made in Belize, and it's from 2012. Filmed in Belize ... made by the Belize. Cool.

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  • The Harder They Come

    4.The Harder They Come

    Jamaica: Caribbean. A crime film about a dude getting into trouble via violence and drugs with some music thrown in. Apparently it's known for popularizing reggae, for whatever that's worth.

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  • Brother


    Venezuela: South America. Two guys raised as brothers become great soccer players and then get mixed up in the world of crime. I think. Who knows? No way of checking. And Gob Bluth might have a cameo.

  • Christmas


    Chile: South America and the 2015 country of interest. Focused on three teenagers who deal with life's dramas and whatever. I'm really not sure. But I want to play this 30 countries game right and Chile was hard to do.

  • Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

    7.Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

    Brazil: Brazil. Prison riot, government officials, corruption, paramilitary, etc. Elite Squad (this and the earlier Elite Squad movie) come up a lot for Brazilian movies.

  • Submarine


    United Kingdom: British Isles. Coming of age movie directed by Ayoade. I have never seen a film from this exotic island. I wonder what it'll be like?

  • Blue Is the Warmest Color

    9.Blue Is the Warmest Color

    France: Western Europe. Lesbian French love story. Blue is the warmest color ... in a flame! It's true. Science.

  • Mr. Nobody

    10.Mr. Nobody

    Belgium: Benelux. A sci-fi film about the last mortal man left on Earth and the experiences he's had. Apparently it's the most expensive Belgium film ever or at least at the time. Benelux includes the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Belgium. And yeah, I'm thinking of waffles too.

  • Troll Hunter

    11.Troll Hunter

    Norway: Scandinavia. A found footage movie about a group of students who pursue a bear poacher, but they find something a little bigger than a bear. May also count for Sweden. But it's mostly Norwegian. I think.

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  • The Hunt

    12.The Hunt

    Denmark: Scandinavia. Mads Mikkelsen in a Fugitive-esque plot except that the crime is sexual. I think that's what it's like. I don't know if he eats anyone.

  • Fellini Satyricon

    13.Fellini Satyricon

    Italy: Southern Europe. Set in Rome and directed by Fellini based on a piece of satire written two thousand years ago. Should be completely straightforward.

  • Control


    Hungary: Central Europe. It's about rail transportation? I guess I'll see!

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  • Dogtooth


    Greece: Southeastern Europe. A movie about two parents who keep their children ignorant of the outside world for years, even into their adulthood. I don't know if there are any dogs in the movie.

  • Andrei Rublev

    16.Andrei Rublev

    Russia: Eastern Europe. A film loosely based on the life of the painter directed by Tarkovsky. I nearly bought this movie years ago, and I regret not trying Tarkovsky earlier.

  • Horses of God

    17.Horses of God

    Morocco: Northern Africa. Two brothers growing up in a Moroccan slum are set in a world of violence, drugs, corruption, and mental illness. The part of Africa for the tourists, I imagine.

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  • Grigris


    Chad: Central Africa. A story about a guy with a paralyzed leg who wants to become a dancer and there's something about petrol too. The director is continuously referred to as Chadian, so I assume this counts. I see one source list the director as the first one in the country to make a feature film, and it wasn't long ago. That's crazy. And possibly inaccurate!

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  • Tsotsi


    South Africa: Southern Africa. A thug steals a car and doesn't notice there's a baby in the back -- and then he learns to love! South Africa seems to have the lion's share of African-made movies.

  • The Band's Visit

    20.The Band's Visit

    Israel: Middle East. A police band from Egypt is invited into a Israel at an Arab center, but there's miscommunication. Hilarity ensues? I don't think I've seen an Israeli film before.

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  • Baran


    Iran: Middle East. Sounds like a love story between a Turk and an Afghan girl. The director Majid Majidi has made a couple sorta-famous foreign films: Color of Paradise and Children of Heaven. Those are quite excellent. And I'm not sure what to label its region -- middle east is maybe too broad a category, but oh well.

  • Life in a Metro

    22.Life in a Metro

    India: South Asia. A movie about nine people in modern Mumbai with modern issues like infidelity, homosexuality, etc. We need better names for these regions -- we have both south and southeast Asia? I like the idea of calling something a subcontinent though.

  • Tulpan


    Kazakhstan: Central Asia. Part fictional film, part documentary about herdsmen who live on the steppes of Kazakhstan. I'll admit I know very little about cinema in this region, but it won an award at Cannes.

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  • Hard Boiled

    24.Hard Boiled

    China: East Asia. Chow Yun-fat shoots a lot of people or something. I've been meaning to watch earlier John Woo movies anyhow.

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  • I Saw the Devil

    25.I Saw the Devil

    South Korea: East Asia. Revenge movie about an agent whose financee is brutally murdered. It should be fun.

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  • The Missing Picture

    26.The Missing Picture

    Cambodia: Southeast Asia. A movie about Pol Pot coming into power and genocide and murder and half of it is in clay. It's well-regarded.

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  • Cheerleader Queens

    27.Cheerleader Queens

    Thailand: Southeast Asia. "Four young drag queens strive to be on the cheerleading squad of their new school, but are met with resistance and must join the rugby team instead." How could I say no?

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  • Dark Water

    28.Dark Water

    Japan: Japan. Woman gets divorced and then starts seeing weird crap in her apartment. Horror. Japan's labeled east Asia, sure, but Japan is pretty distinct with a rich tradition in film.

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  • The Babadook

    29.The Babadook

    Australia: Australia. I don't know much -- just that it's gotten a lot of interest and it's scary. Seems like good timing here; I can force myself to watch it while it's still getting buzz. For the region thing, yeah, it's only one country here, but hey, it's a huge landmass.

  • Whale Rider

    30.Whale Rider

    New Zealand: South Pacific. A young Maori girl wants to be chief when she grows up, but it's a role for men. A pretty good pick for this region, as it focuses on the Maori. And whales I guess?

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